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Melodie Cook PS

My career began in the fashion industry,working in Italy as a freelance designer and consultant collaborating with some of Italy's major brands including Stefanel, Benetton, Replay and La Perla.

After 18 years I left the fashion world and set up a new art and design studio,creating collections and illustrations for editorials and children's books, stationery, ceramics and glass.

After a few years I returned to the UK and went back to school to study fine art in London. After college I decided to focus on drawing-portraits in particular-and began using pastels.

My work has since been exhibited twice in the Royal Society of Portrait Painters annual open exhibitions, and regularly since 2013 at the Pastel Society-where I have won 5 awards to date.


Elected as a member of the Pastel Society UK in 2017


Elected Full Member of the Institute of East Anglian Artists in 2022





"Melodie’s insights into people and cultures really separate her from other accomplished artists. You will always see a statement and point of view in her incredible work. Both the intensity and subtlety of her expression is like a signature on everything she produces."

Andy Wakefield

Creative Director at Help Agency


“The human being is at the core of my work.The face, the hands, the incredible beauty of the human body.The expression, the demeanour, and what hides behind that or is expressed through that.


My background in fashion is evident in my continuing interest in costume and adornment

and how it can be used to denote or deny a presence.


I am very passionate about drawing as well as painting and sculpture, but in 2012 I decided to focus entirely on drawing and now use

pastels full time.”


Melodie Cook PS 2022



“Melodie’s work, once seen, leaves an impact; it’s uniquely her.

There’s sensitivity and depth to her vision.”

Cheryl Culver PPPS

Ex President of the Pastel Society


(from the Article "Artists To Watch"

Pastel Journal USA December 2017)



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